The Temiskaming Nordic Story

The Temiskaming Nordic story is a compelling and uplifting tale of what our small community’s volunteers can dream, accomplish and sustain. Please take a few minutes to browse through the images and absorb some of the enthusiasm and excitement that created our “Nordic jewel” and that sustains it today.

In these hectic and sometimes harried times, we can grow weary from a steady diet of discouraging news, but let us share an antidote, a real and shining story. It was an enormously ambitious project to create a ski club with some of the finest trails in Ontario with the best possible grooming equipment and wonderful chalet and instructional and social programming.  Our club volunteers not only achieved these early goals, they exceeded them in almost every way!

We invite you to read on the Temiskaming Nordic Story and join in!

While this story captures only the first 10 years of the club’s now 23 years of existence, TNSC continues to deliver rewarding personal, family and community-building experiences to suit your interests: whether it’s a serene solitary ski to mentally recharge by absorbing winter’s tranquil beauty; an invigorating cardio-vascular workout – or race — that makes you feel fully alive; gathering the entire family after a ski outing together to enjoy hot chocolate and snacks while warming up near the woodstove in the beautiful log chalet; reinforcing friendships during a ski outing together; making new friends at a moonlit ski and potluck supper social; or by becoming involved with any of the tasks associated with delivering a wonderful community experience that has been a life-enriching change for many people.

A celebration also took place in 2013 to mark Temiskaming Nordic’s 20th anniversary.

Temiskaming Nordic - Ski Northern Ontario - The Temiskaming Nordic Story

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