Trail Setting

Temiskaming Nordic - Ski Northern Ontario - Trail SettingTemiskaming Nordic’s trails are constructed on a series of ancient sand dunes in a boreal forest setting.

The forest is typical of Northern Ontario, having been shaped by fire, and is now changing from predominately old growth jack pine to a terminal forest of spruce and white pine. Some old fire-scarred jack pines, survivors of a fire circa 1940,  can still be found on the trails.

The trails were designed to take maximum advantage of the rolling dunes, which rise to a peak height of 44 metres above the initial grade at the chalet. The compact trail layout, mostly within a few kilometres of the chalet, follow the natural contours of the land and provides cross-country ski terrain unmatched in Ontario.

The trail system is located on the edge of a wilderness area so most animals native to the area, including wolves, lynx, fox and bear, have been seen on the trails.

Ski Resort – Temiskaming Shores, Ontario, Canada