Stadium Area & Playground

The stadium area is set in a natural amphitheater adjacent the chalet to provide great views for parents, coaches and spectators. They can see the competing athletes ski past them several times during races on terrain that requires them to use most of their race techniques.

Also close to the chalet are several open areas, short trail loops, up to 1 km,  with a variety of terrain  and the Ski Playground. These are used for ski lessons and the jackrabbit program. Most of these areas also have lights for evening training and events.


Our Temiskaming Nordic Ski Playground is probably among one of the largest and best in the province. The purpose of the Playground is to encourage young skiers and their families to learn the sport of cross-country skiing naturally in a fun-filled environment. The Ski Playground consists of several distinct, but inter-connected features, aimed at children and youth from ages 3 to 19. Any skier who is young at heart will enjoy exploring the ski playground.

There’s a saying that “terrain teaches”, and the Playground was designed with terrain features such as the ‘Bunny Hill’, the undulating ‘Roller Coaster’, the ‘Speed Demon’, the ‘Bowl’ and glade skiing for children and adventuresome adults

1) The Bunny Hill is gently sloping for skiers trying their first uphill-downhill experience.

2) The Roller Coaster is a moderate downhill with three small rollers. It’s best for skiers who have been on skis several times and are ready to progress beyond the Bunny Hill.

3) The Speed Demon downhill has a high thrill-to-work ratio due to the steepness of the descent, which follows a short and easy climb. Experienced skiers zoom down the Speed Demon and entertain their friends with dramatic turns, jumps, or hockey stops near the chalet.

4) The Bowl is the “hidden gem” of the Ski Playground, with multiple uses. Nestled between two ridges of the Red Trail, about 80-metres from the chalet, this long hill is steeper at the top. Deciduous trees and underbrush have been removed from between the larger pines. The lower section can be used by beginning skiers to play tag and other games as they move in and around the pines in the glade-like setting. From the top of the Bowl, more experienced skiers can tackle the series of three rollers along one side of the bowl, or weave between the pines as they navigate the downhill.

There are several flat areas of the Ski Playground (such as the Training Area) that allow for games such as ball tag and hockey-on-skis. Young skiers and their families can also connect with nature in the Ski Playground. The main tree species can be readily identified thanks to illlustrated information signs. Birds such as Chickadees can be spotted as they visit the feeder near the chalet.

Ski Resort – Temiskaming Shores, Ontario, Canada