Youth Programs


For those interested in the Bunny and Jack Rabbit programs, there are limited spots remaining as follows:

  • Bunny Rabbit: 8 spots (ages 4 and 5)
  • Jackrabbit Level 1: 4 spots
  • Jackrabbit Level 2: 3 spots
  • Jackrabbit Level 3 and 4: 4 spots

*Skiers over the age of 5 who have not previously participated in the program typically start at level 1.

  • The program runs from January 9 to March 6.  Bunny Rabbit and Jack Rabbit levels 1 and 2 are from 1 to 1:45 PM and Jack Rabbit levels 3 and 4 from 1 to 2:15/2:30 PM.   Children must arrive ready to ski (with a parent/adult on snow for Bunnies).   While the lessons are shorter than last year, the program is running for a longer period.
  •  The cost for the Youth Skill Development Programs (Instructional Youth Programs) for Bunny Rabbit and all levels of Jack Rabbit is $52.
  • To reserve your child’s spot on a first come first served basis, please send your child’s information to
  • Lastly, all participants in the Youth Skill Development Programs must be a member (paid the Child Membership or is part of a family who has paid the Family Membership) to register for the various youth programs. See the chart below for fees.
Group by Age
Or Family Size
* TNSC FEE $ incl HST
($19.00 pp)
**Total Fee
 Child under 6  FREE  0  FREE
 Child 6 to 12  30.00  19.00 49.00
 Student 13 to 18  50.00  19.00 69.00
 Single Adult  100.00  19.00  119.00
 Family (3 members and over) ***  200.00  19.00 per person

* * CCO fees are not charged for children under 6 unless they are registered in the Jackrabbit program.

*** A family is one or two adults with children under 18 unless they are students at a post secondary institution.

To register as a member, use the link in the Membership and Rates menu above.

A few more notes regarding equipment for skiers in the Bunny Rabbit and Jackrabbit programs.

  • If you are interested in renting ski equipment for the season, please contact Kerry at tnscjackrabbit@gmail.comto be added to the list.
  • The cost of renting ski equipment for lessons is $40, with the skis remaining at the chalet.
  • For those who wish to keep the rental skis for the season, (skis can be taken home to use anytime) a $50 deposit is required.  The deposit will be refunded at the end of the season upon return of the skis provided there is no damage.
  • A date will be determined to arrange for ski rentals at the chalet and will be communicated in due course.
  • Once the date is determined, payment for rentals can be made at the chalet by cash, cheque or credit card

Why involve your child in a cross-country skiing youth program?

Great friends

Your child will meet new friends.

Everything You Need And Safe

You do not have to worry – the programs are well designed and have been running for numerous years.

Affordable & Healthy

The youth program is very affordable. What better for your child than playing and skiing outside with friends?

Our Youth Programs follow the Programs developed by Cross-Country Canada. CCC has developed a modern, state-of-the-art progression of skill development programs for children. This exciting program conforms to the Canadian LTAD model and provides a vertically integrated continuum of development opportunities for children in the first stages of skier development.

For program specific information, see the CCC links below:

Ski Resort – Temiskaming Shores, Ontario, Canada