Recent Projects

Temiskaming Nordic over the years has continued to expand and improve their facilities. Thank you to all our volunteers for making these projects possible, our local businesses providing us with in-kind equipment and material and also the various government funding agencies. Without all this support, Temiskaming Nordic would not be what it is today!

Recent major projects include;

2014-15 – Marketing Project

Project aimed at positioning the region as a ski destination. This Fednor-funded project includes a marketing plan, a new web site, equipment to support us in hosting races including an upgrade to the ventilation and electrical systems for a waxing area.

2014 – Garage Expansion

The garage has been enlarged to provide a better workspace for the Pisten Bully groomer and a larger waxing area for major competitions. The addition was completed with volunteer workers and in kind donations from EACOM Timber Coorporation and Dale Rooney Enterprises.

2013 – Trail Lighting Project

LED lighting was installed in the Playground to illuminate 600 metres of trail and the open areas near the chalet. This provides a well-lit area for night-time skiing and for evening youth practises. The lights were installed with volunteer labour, funding from Trillium Foundation and in-kind donations from Hydro One.

2009-10 – Playground and Stadium Area Development Project

Construction of an extensive Ski Playground adjacent to the chalet to provide ‘kid’ size trails and fun features. The Stadium area has been enlarged to meet the criteria for hosting provincial competitions. This work was completed with club volunteers and in-kind contributions by several local equipment contractors: 5th Wheel Training Institute, Steve Nychuk, Grant Equipment, Trudel Equipment, Jérémie Benoit, and Bumstead Trucking.

2007-08 – Grooming equipment renewal

A critical purchase to maintaining the quality of grooming on our wide and rolling trails was the acquisition of our main piece of trail grooming equipment, a reconditioned Pisten Bully PB200. In addition the club purchased a Yamaha snow machine and specialized attachment (Ghinzu groomer) to enable early and late season trail grooming when there is a thinner snow base. These acquisitions were funded by Trillium Foundation, Frog’s Breath Foundation and the sale of our older Pisten Bully BP170.

2007 – West Loop Addition (Green Trail)
2004 – East Loop Addition (Green Trail)

The creation of the east and west loops of our beginner gentle-grade Green Trail involved construction of 3.5 km of trail. These loops ’rounded out’ the Green Trail network to a total of 6 km of scenic terrain, and most significantly secured a route for the Green Trail,  so popular with many of the clubs skiers,  that would be unaffected by current or future gravel trucking or other operations on nearby property. The trails were constructed with club volunteer labour and in-kind donations from local equipment contractors : 5th Wheel Training Institute, Grant Equipment, Trudel Equipment, Armstrong Township, Doug Neimi, Timiskaming Timber.

2003-2005 – Ski Rental Equipment Project

Our rental ski equipment inventory is a project and service the club undertook to enable many people to discover the pleasures of cross-country skiing on good quality equipment that is properly sized for them and very affordable to rent. The initiative was made possible by funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the For Kids Sake fund of the Temiskaming Foundation and the Communities in Action Fund (Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Recreation).

Ski Resort – Temiskaming Shores, Ontario, Canada