COVID-19 Safety Information (Updated November 30, 2021)

After lengthy discussion, we have decided to keep the chalet closed until further notice. Several factors were considered, including an increasing number of cases in our district, family coming for visits, and the number of visitors from other areas that come over the holidays to ski. Although skiing is a great, safe way to enjoy winter, being in an enclosed space is not.

I cannot stress this enough: the only people allowed in the chalet are the essential volunteers, openers, closers, groomers and executive members.

As washrooms are off limits at this time, please use the outhouse located by the garage.

Safety Practices are as follows:

  1. Safety starts in the parking lot. Always maintain a two meter distance. If you cannot, WEAR A MASK
  2. Come prepared to ski; dressed, skis waxed ready to go.
  3. When skiing, keep a safe distance and always keep a mask handy in case you need it on the trails.
  4. Ski then go home. This saddens me as one of the joys for me was sitting by the fire and socializing after the ski. Hopefully, we will do that again, but not this year. Do not socialize in the parking lot or around the chalet. That said, a very quick exchange of pleasantries is fine.

PLEASE observe the Health Unit protocols.

Ski Resort – Temiskaming Shores, Ontario, Canada